All UT Students are IEEE Guests by default!

Group photo of IEEE members in front of a modern ranch house for a retreat

Open to All

We believe ideas and passions from different students make our org great. Because of this, almost all of our events are free to UT students! (Just make sure to RSVP)

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If you'd like to get the most out of IEEE, you can pay a dues! This gives you access to a whole lot more stuff!

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Resume Reviews

We'll gladly review your resume to help you prepare for internships or jobs!

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FamilIEEE Systems

Each semester, our FamilIEEE system creates a fun way to meet people and get competitive!

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IMs & Esports

IMs & Esports are a great way to stay engaged non-academically!

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Officers & Applications

Our officers are what make our org function! We recruit assistant officers during the fall semester and officers during the spring semester.

Meet our current officer team and learn about how and when to apply!

Group photo of IEEE officers of 2022-2023 in front of a classroom whiteboard


For the year you pay dues, you'll get a free member shirt! Swing by the office during office hours to pick it up!

We also have other merch available for purchase! This includes sweaters, shirts, and more to come!

IEEE students seated in a classroom row, smiling at the camera