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Joining is Easy

As a UT student, you have access to attend nearly all of our events and get food for free! (Just RSVP before)

You can go from a guest to an official member by paying dues! Swing by office hours to pay dues in cash or online!


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Follow our Instagram and join our Discord/Slack to stay in the loop.

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Attend Events

We host all sorts of events every week with free food! RSVP so you don't miss out!

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Become Official

Fill out a member form and claim your shirt if you pay your optional dues!

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Types of Members

IEEE Guest

Being a guest is completely free! As a guest, you get access to our free events and free food at those events! (As long as you RSVP...)

IEEE Member

As a member, you get access to tons of perks listed below! All you need to do is pay dues! Swing by office hours to pay dues in cash or online!

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As a member, you have access to so much! Here are just a few things you get along with your free member shirt...

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Resume Reviews

We'll gladly review your resume to help you prepare for internships or jobs!

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FamilIEEE Systems

Each semester, our FamilIEEE system creates a fun way to meet people and get competitive!

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IMs & Esports

IMs & Esports are a great way to stay engaged non-academically!

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