ECE and CS Internships for Freshman

Every year students ask if there are opportunities for them even though they are freshman. The answer is yes. Many companies actually have programs specifically targeted for freshmen. They are looking for people that are curious and interested in learning. This is especially true for all companies that are looking for interns.

Here is a brief list of some jobs and opportunities:

Also keep in mind that there are other valuable things you can do with your summer. Here is a list of some ideas:

  • work on an independent project of your own creation
  • get involved in undergraduate research
  • learn new tech skills online through Coursera, Udacity, edX, or another online resource
  • set up a personal web site for yourself including your resume, list of courses taken / experience, possibly some samples of your work on GitHub, etc. (please don’t post your class homework solutions publicly unless the instructor says it is okay!)

Also remember that it’s okay just to relax. The summer after your freshman year can be used as a time to unwind too and that’s perfectly okay. Hope this can serve as a useful resource for you guys!

Keep it lit,

Sean Kirmani