It does appear that it was an act of terrorism exactly how

investigation will have to determine,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told CNN.Nearby vessels scrambling to help with MS804 search. Our thoughts are with the EgyptAir passengers families. Egypt received no distress signal from the plane, according to Fathi.

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Justin Brooks of the California Innocence Project, who handled Banks’ case after the accuser recanted, told Patt Morrison that racism surely played a part in what happened. Banks’ original lawyer, he said, basically told the then teenager that because he was a large, black, young man it would be his word against hers and that he should take the deal. In fact, the Los Angeles Times says, she “recanted her video statement.” Her family had been granted a $1.5 million legal judgment from the Long Beach, Calif., public school system because she had claimed the rape happened on school property.