IEEE will be holding elections for general officer positions this coming Thursday. These positions include Activities and Events Director, Communications Director, Corporate Liason, Membership Resources Director, SEC Representative, and Treasurer. If you think you'd like to be a part of our officer team next year, read on!

First, let's talk eligibility. Any IEEE member (meaning any UT student) can run for these positions, provided you:

  • Are an undergraduate or graduate student
  • Take at least 50% of your course load on the UT Austin campus
  • Hold (or will hold after elections) a national IEEE membership
  • Will be able to serve as an officer for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and Spring 2016
  • Will fulfill all general and specific duties according to the Constitution and Bylaws
Our Bylaws and Constitution can be found in our Branch Information page.

Now let's describe the positions available:
Activities and Events Director
Our A&E Director organizes and runs all IEEE activities and (you guessed it) events. This including socials, tailgates, intramural teams, and more.

Communications Director
My position! Comms Director is in charge of keeping IEEE members informed of our upcoming events, which means maintaining our website, updating our calendar, and posting event info on our social media platforms.

Corporate Liason
This is a new position to IEEE, and isn't yet covered in our bylaws. The Corporate Liason will help our Corporate Director (this will be Haley next year) keep companies happy once they've signed on to contribute to IEEE.

Membership Resources Director
Our MR Director is in charge of making sure we have what we need at any given time. They'll order food for meetings, get food for campouts and activities, and keep inventory of our office.

SEC Representative
Our SEC Rep is our link to the Student Engineering Council. They'll attend SEC meetings weekly and make sure our voice is heard in major engineering decisions.

Once our Corporate team gets money from companies, we need someone to keep track of it! Our Treasurer keeps track of what funds we've gotten and budgets them out for activities, meetings, and events over the course of the year.

All of these positions are crucial to IEEE's success in the coming years. If you think you're a good fit for any of them, apply!

Finally, the application and election process. If you're interested in running for any of these positions, you can apply here. Once you've applied, make a slide describing yourself and send it to Josh at chair at ieeeut.org. You'll be given a short time to speak at our meeting this Thursday, and after each candidate has presented the voting process will begin to decide our officer team. Only IEEE national members are allowed to vote, so if you're interested in voting be sure to follow our registration steps on our Branch Information page.

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